My Mother’s Prayer

I never can forget the day
I heard my mother kindly say,
“You’re leaving now my tender care;
Remember, child, your mother’s prayer.”

Chorus 1:
Whene’er I think of her so dear,
I feel her angel spirit near;
A voice comes floating on the air,
Reminding me of Mother’s prayer.

I never can forget the voice
That always made my heart rejoice;
Though I have wandered, God knows where,
Still I remember Mother’s prayer.

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Tho’ years have gone, I can’t forget
Those words of joy—I hear them yet;
I see her by the old armchair,
My mother dear, in humble prayer.

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I never can forget the hour
I felt the Savior’s cleansing pow’r.
My sin and guilt be canceled there,
‘Twas there He answered mother’s prayer.

Chorus 2:
Oh, praise the Lord for saving grace!
We’ll meet up yonder face to face;
The home above together share,
In answer to my mother’s prayer.