Come Unto Me

    Hear the blessed Savior calling the oppressed,
    “Oh, ye heavy-laden, come to Me and rest;
    Come, no longer tarry, I your load will bear,
    Bring Me every burden, bring Me every care.”
    • Refrain:
    • Come unto Me, I will give you rest;
      Take My yoke upon you, hear Me and be blest;
      I am meek and lowly, come and trust My might;
      Come, My yoke is easy, and My burden’s light.
    • Are you disappointed, wand’ring here and there,
    • Dragging chains of doubt and loaded down with care?
      Do unholy feelings struggle in your breast?
      Bring your case to Jesus—He will give you rest.
    • Stumbling on the mountains dark with sin and shame,
    • Stumbling toward the pit of hell’s consuming flame;
      By the pow’rs of sin deluded and oppressed,
      Hear the tender Shepherd, “Come to Me and rest.”
    • Have you by temptation often conquered been,
    • Has a sense of weakness brought distress within?
      Christ will sanctify you, if you’ll claim His best;
      In the Holy Spirit, He will give you rest.