In Tenderness He Sought Me

I[C]In tender[m]ness He [G]sought [D]me,[C]Weary and [Em]sick with [G]sin, [D][C]And on His [E]shoulders [G]brought [D]me[C]Back to His [Em]fold [G]again.[D][C]While angels [Em]in His [G]presence [D]sang[C]Until the [Em]courts of [G]heaven [D]rang. [Em]O the [G]love that [D]sought me![Em]O the [G]blood that [D]bought me!O the [Em]grace that [G]brought me to the [D]fold, [C]GodWondrous [G]grace that brought me [D]to the fold! IIHe washed the bleeding … Read More

Don’t Turn Him Away

IPatiently, tenderly pleading,Jesus is standing today;At your heart’s doorHe knocks as before,Oh turn Him no longer away. Don’t turn Him away, don’t turn Him away,He has come back to your heart again,Although you’ve gone a stray;Oh, how you’ll need Him to plead you causeOn that eternal day!Don’t turn the Saviour away from your heart,Don’t turn Him away. IIGracious, compassionate mercyBrought … Read More